Wooden constructions, wooden houses, villas, advantages
SC MARITRANS SRL is a company that focuses its activity on building wooden houses and lodges.

If you need a wooden house, a lodge, an attic or garden furniture you have come to the right place. You just found the solution: SC MARITRANS SRL builds for you houses made of massive wood, for living or vacation with furniture on upper floor.


wooden constructions are lighter therefore building the foundation will be cheaper
small seismic risk
the thermal transfer coefficient is superior to that of the classic constructions (1.2-1.5 better)
the construction can be finished quickly (1-2 months)
95% ecological houses
the costs are smaller than that of a classic construction.

Why wood?

The comfort, the desire to elevate the quality of life and returning to naturalness represents main preoccupations for those who want a decent and healthy family way of living.

More and more people find an answer to these trends: wooden houses.

Of all materials used in constructions, wood is the only natural one.

A wooden house is a house that breathes. Wood absorbs and spreads humidity, this way regularizing the indoor environment; it also prevents rheumatic pain and breathing problems by stabilizing humidity and filtering and purifying air. The wood bioelectric natural field also balances the equilibrium inside the human body.

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