Case din lemn, constructii, vile, cabane
Wooden products, houses, interiors, lodges
SC MARITRANS SRL is a company that focuses its activity on building wooden houses and lodges.

If you need a wooden house, a lodge, an attic or garden furniture you have come to the right place. You just found the solution: SC MARITRANS SRL builds for you houses made of massive wood, for living or vacation with furniture on upper floor.

Wooden houses
Compared to houses made of other materials, wooden houses have an
excellent behavior in time. With a great insulation power and [...]
Wooden interiors
The interior details of a house emphasis the ingenuity of combining design
elements: natural stone, fireplaces, glass elements, parquet [...]
Wooden lodges
Elegance and comfort are two elements that can't be missing from a wooden
house, not even a temporary living house (vacation or week-ends). [...]
Stratified wood windows
Exterior stratified wood carpentry is being used more than PVC and
aluminum.Flawless (without nodes) triple stratified wood is a [...]
Indoor stairways
Experience shows that when we begin dreaming about a house we don't give
enough attention to inside stairways. A well built stairway is the [...]
Are those architectural decorative components that can be set outside the
house to create spaces pleasant to watch and also for relaxation [...]
Other constructions
The inexhaustible inspiration source, wood, stimulates us to use it in
constructions that can complete the environment in our homes. [...]
Color range
Wood combines technical and practical qualities with a likable decorative
capacity, this is accentuated by mordents which underline [...]

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