Wooden indoor stairways
SC MARITRANS SRL is a company that focuses its activity on building wooden houses and lodges.

If you need a wooden house, a lodge, an attic or garden furniture you have come to the right place. You just found the solution: SC MARITRANS SRL builds for you houses made of massive wood, for living or vacation with furniture on upper floor.

Indoor stairways
Experience shows that when we begin dreaming about a house we don't give enough attention to inside stairways. A well built stairway is the first furniture element in our home, wood lives its period of reborn becoming the most constant furniture component.
indoor stairways 1 indoor stairways 2 indoor stairways 3 indoor stairways 4      
indoor stairways 5

indoor stairways 6    
The indoor stairway was never a simple accessory, just for getting easier to an upper floor, every time architects and designers are letting their imagination loose to complete the inside of a house.

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