To calculate the price of a cottage or a wooden house, we need to know more details about it. Knowing the built surface does not mean the correct evaluation of the cost price of a construction, because we do not have details about the surface of the interior walls, the surface of the exterior carpentry, the quality of the exterior carpentry, the complexity of the roof, etc.

The price depends on:

1) Construction location
This detail will involve
- material transport costs and assembly operators
- crane costs for mounting prefabricated elements
- accommodation and meal costs for operators
2) Constructive details of the construction
3) The quality and complexity of the roof and the rainwater system of the construction
4) The quality and details of the exterior carpentry openings
5) The level up to which you want to finish the house

For the price of a terrace or a pavilion, we must know details about its location, its roof, the volume of built-in laminated wood and details about possible railings, decorative elements. In the hope of a future collaboration, we are waiting for details about what you want, in order to make you a personalized price.