In the desire to achieve our constructions structurally as well as possible, we were among the first companies in Romania that acquired in 2007 the Swiss Cadwork wooden design program (3D design - we view every detail from the design phase)

Elements used to build a house:

1) Wood
The wood used in these constructions is spruce (picea abies) and fir (abies alba mill), ideal due to the ratio between resistance and weight for constructions. We also use larch wood for exterior paneling (because they are very weather resistant and do not need maintenance over time). Optionally, the floors or stairs can be made of oak wood (quercus robur), which gives the interior a special distinction. The treatment of wood for the structure of houses and cottages is done against: mold, fungi, caries and fireproofing. In all our constructions the used wood is of the best quality, dried in our own, automated dryers. We obtain wood with average humidity below 15% for wood used outdoors and below 12% for wood used indoors.
The wood drying treatment is a detail that makes the difference between a high quality construction and a construction subject to rapid degradation following the attack of cavities and weather. Unfortunately, about 80% of wooden constructions in our country do not take into account this detail, (use wet wood or "sun-dried" wood) the lack of this treatment can totally compromise a wood construction, details here

2) Insulating materials
Insulating materials can be, wood fiber wool, glass wool or basalt wool. We find them in the offer of manufacturers at different densities. We choose their characteristics depending on the location of the construction (temperature, humidity, salinity of the environment).

3) Insulating foils
We attach great importance to the choice of anti-vapor and anti-condensation protective films that have an important role in the life of the wooden structure construction.

Why the passive house

The term passive house is being circulated more and more.
In order to have a passive house, several criteria must be met simultaneously:
-the energy required for heating to be less than 10W / m2 (which is equivalent to exterior walls and ceiling or
(in the constructive version with attic) a heat transfer <15kWh/m2)
-windows and exterior doors to have heat transfer U<0.8kWh/m2,
- the solar factor of the double-glazed package must be g≥50%
-maximum energy requirement ≤ 10W/m2
-tightness of the construction n50 ≤ 0.6-1
-required primary energy ≤ 120kWh/m2an

More details in the article in the English magazine here.

The structure of the wooden construction

In the adjacent images we have three basic structures that can be combined, improved, depending on the location of the construction, (for example, in the case of a hotel in the French Alps, at an altitude of 1600m we used the exterior paneling structure with 300mm interior insulation, which gives him thermal comfort at low cost).

Analyzing the thermal transfer of the standard structure made by our company, it can be seen that it meets the criterion of classification in the passive house structure having the thermal transfer <15kWh/m2


After we have a plan and the location of the construction we will have a discussion about the structure that is designed or the one that we indicate to you depending on its location, on its permanent or occasional use.

All this depends on the budget allocated to that construction. We indicate that permanent homes should be designed so as to talk about passive construction that have surprisingly low costs for spectacular volumes. its use, the expenses related to a passive house as a whole are much lower than to a traditional house.

We are waiting for your contact in order to guide you (with an experience of over 18 years) to have a construction that looks and behaves impeccably from all points of view upon completion and especially throughout its use.


Concrete case: we have near Cluj-Napoca at 3 km a house that has a built area of 100sqm ground floor and 70sqm floor, so a total of 170sqm, passive structure walls insulation, with windows that have 3 double glazing, I asked the client how much he paid for the gas in the winter months (underfloor heating, hot water, everything is made on gas), the client answered me a maximum of 330 lei, that he is very satisfied with the investment and stressed that he wants to and installs solar panels for hot water. You can find this house at position 25.